What I learned about LinkedIn in 2023

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Lessons from LinkedIn

Before I started posting on LinkedIn and taking it seriously, my lead flow was non-existent.

I hustled, relied on referrals and the few people who stumbled across my website. And that was no fun at all because I operated in a feast or famine mode.

So, two years ago I put my big-girl business pants on and decided that if I was going to focus on any social channel then it had to be Linkedin. 

My potential clients were on there.  I could reconnect with clients and past colleagues and start to build my client base authentically and align with what work I wanted to do. 

I commit to showing up every day (commenting, connecting, and talking with clients) and a few times a week to share content.

And it works. When I reviewed my business leads for 2022, 60% came from Linkedin, 20% were repeat clients and the other 20% were referrals from past clients and colleagues. 

Because I work in content marketing, it was a natural progression to start teaching what works to clients, peers, and people who want to know how LinkedIn works. 

For many LinkedIn still holds an air of mystery. How does it work, what get’s noticed and how can I get leads?
If you are a B2B company or sole trader, it’s an easy (low cost, high touch) way to get noticed by the people who need your help.

There’s room for everyone – you don’t have to be famous or have a million followers to share your story.

A viral post makes you feel good, but very rarely makes bank!  Here’s what I know works.

LinkedIn Lessons to take in to 2023

LinkedIn has Massive Growth Potential

It's a level playing field right now. Everyone has an opportunity to shine. LinkedIn can be a slow burn to start, but once you find your groove, leads will start to flow your way.

Activity is rewarded

If you post your content and nick off, it goes nowhere. If you hang around and 'be social', engaging on the platform it will help your reach.

Content has a long-Tail

Your posts hang around for longer than other social media channels – sometimes for weeks. Which means more eyeballs on your content.

You can influence what you see

You can control what you see in your feed by engaging with content that’s in your niche or posts relevant to your own clients. The algorithm will serve up more of the same. Mute and unfollow people who don't interest you.

LinkedIn rewards Creators right now

Creator mode is awesome but suggest you only turn it on if you’re committed to posting every week.

A public profile helps you get seen

You decide your privacy settings and can control what people see, but locking your profile down means people outside your network can’t see you (which is essential if your goal is to build your network).

Talking about the same thing is a good thing

Sharing a consistent message (even better if it’s niched) will build authority and help you grow an audience.

Vanity Metrics mean nothing

Personal posts with storytelling will always get the most engagement and sometimes will go viral. BUT likes and viral reach do not = business. Number of followers means nothing unless they are your ideal client.

Content's job is to stop the scroll

Hook people in, get to the point and show how stuff works. Relatable, educational, interesting helpful content will get you business.

Without trust there are no sales

Selling isn't a dirty word on LinkedIn. In fact it’s ok to sell, but not all the time. Selling posts will get bugger all reach, but if the right people see it, it will get you sales.

Create for your audience

Write with your ideal client in mind, the one you’d like to work with over and over again.

Your LinkedIn Profile isn't about you

Your LinkedIn profile isn’t about you. It’s all about what you can do for others, showing how you help and solve their problems. Think of it as a personal billboard to sell your value.

The right time to start is always now

There's no perfect. There's no magic moment to begin. It's now. The sooner you get over your fear of posting and showing up the sooner you’ll be noticed.

Talk about the same thing all the time

You get more success if you stick to one topic. Just find different ways to talk about it. Could be a new angle, a different format or your own framework. (I know I repeated this, just banging my point home).

Relationships first Sales Second

No one likes the connect and spammers. Build a relationship first. It’s ok to reach out and connect with new people but be genuine about it. People can smell a sales pitch coming from a mile away.

The magic is in the DMs

Don’t rely on the algorithm to put you in front of people. Talk with people in your network. Send private messages and start a conversation.

Social Proof carries weight

It's easy to fudge a review, but on LinkedIn you can't fake it. Recommendations show social proof to potential clients and they because they are linked to people's professional profiles, they are more believable.

Make better use of Linkedin Search

LinkedIn search is a powerhouse, underutilised tool on LinkedIn. You can search for content (to comment on), companies (you want to work with) and people (you want to connect with).

You can get away with not paying for tools

Paid tools (like sales navigator) are useful if you’re trying to generate a high volume of leads and do client and competitor research. But most people can do without it. Sign-up for a free trial and see if it suits your goals for LinkedIn.

Strategy is a must

The best thing about LinkedIn is that there are many strategies you can adopt so you can still have success by doing what works for you.

Ready to Make 2023 the year you smash LinkedIn?

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The time is right to make your mark.

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About the Author

Rebecca Cofrancesco is an experienced marketing strategist and content creator.

She works with professional services brands and offers freelance services without the overhead of a full-time employee.



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