Work Together?

how it works with a copywriting project

If you haven’t worked with a freelancer or marketing team before make sure you check out the steps below.
It will help you know what to expect and what you need to be ready for. 

A quick 15 minute Introductory Call

In our first call we chat about what you need so we can quickly work out whether we’re a good fit for each other.

I send you a quote

Covering everything we talked about in the call.

You love it. Accept. And we start to work together.

When you accept the quote you receive a welcome pack outlining the scope, an indicative timeline and a briefing document.

Technology makes working together a breeze. I use Zoom for Video calls, Mobile calls, Plutio Project Mangagement, Rounded App Accounting, Canva and Microsoft Products.

You pay me

When money hits my account (50% up front, or full payment for jobs under $1000) we're ready to get started for real.
I may or may not do a happy dance.

The detailed brief

It's official. We're doing this.

Together we work through the details of your brief. Honing in on your goals, customer insights and messaging.

You may be asked to provide:
- insights into your business
- supporting information research (yours or credible sources)
- who your competitors are
- client stories or testimonials
- images

I know you’re probably thinking ‘this is why we hired you, we don’t have time for this’.

But, trust me. The more detail and information I get upfront from you, the better result you’ll get.

Awesome briefs = better results


Every successful project starts with research.
- customer personas
- publicly available research
- statistics
- customer survey results (or reviews)

I do the work

Once I have everything we need and we've agreed a direction it's time for me to do the work. Mostly it will be me. But sometimes I call in the experts for things like Websites, Graphic Design or Advertisting.


Once first drafts have been created, we review, edit and refine the details within the project. All copywriting quotes include up to 2 rounds of free revisions.

We're done! The project wraps up

Once we’re all happy with you’ll be asked to pay the final invoice. No original files or artwork will be released until final payment is made.

Expect to be asked how it all went. I'll ask for a review or recommendation at the end of the project, that you'll see on places like this website. Thanks!


Client Love

Hilal Aydemir
Hilal AydemirMortgage Broker at Hilal Aydemir
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Wow. I was blown away with how Beck was able to pull out all the thoughts in my head, and put them into words to capture the essence of my business. Beck was easy to work with, delivered to deadline, and knew what I wanted before I did! I’d highly recommend working with her. Great marketer and business writer.
Rachel Hamlen
Rachel HamlenHead of Customer Experience at FairVine
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I approached Rebecca for assistance with writing content for our website magazine, with a specific focus on women's finance and surrounding issues (career, returning to work, teaching kids about money etc). Rebecca has proven herself to be professional and open to edits. She is an insightful writer, quick to "get" what I want to say, and, reassuringly, is an excellent researcher. I cannot recommend her highly enough - she has produced at a much higher level than I expected, and I aim to have a long working relationship with her.
Frank McGowan
Frank McGowanSales Manager at KGISL
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Rebecca is a very talented marketer. She worked with me to define, identify and place in context my skills, experience and services. Now, instead of jargon, it is very easy to understand what I do and who benefits. Sounds simple, but it takes a talented marketer to make it so.
Toni Lontis
Toni Lontis"Radio Toni" host and Published Author
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After a professional introduction, an email and a brief conversation, Rebecca from Marketing Goodness had my advertisement and copy done. Such prompt and professional service was appreciated within the tight timeframe we had. Well done Rebecca! First experience with a marketing professional has been a delight.
Todd Philp
Todd PhilpSales Manager
Read More
Beck has been on our side from day one.
When we first met, we really were starting with nothing – but that didn’t phase Beck. She grabbed it by the horns and ran with it.
Our experience working with a marketing person was great – she was on the ball, on top of the detail and very responsive. Our new brand and website was exactly what we were after.
I’d highly recommend Beck from Marketing Goodness. You won’t be let down. She has tons of marketing knowledge and provides top-notch service.
Deborah Shaw
Deborah ShawContent Monkey
Read More
Working with Rebecca was a complete pleasure.
Her Content Strategy skills cut through with a team of over-thinkers, and she was able to extract the essence of the business and turn it into succinct and engaging copy with a minimum of fuss.
Beck’s experience and her professional manner helped her to navigate a room full of competing expectations and she made everyone feel as if they had something to contribute, while sticking to the task at hand - which was distilling a vast amount of content into clear, and concise messaging.
I can highly recommend Rebecca's work.
Victoria Evans
Victoria EvansToria Designs
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Beck is highly motivated, precise and thorough in all her briefings, collaboration and focus. Working with Beck has been and continues to be a highlight of every workday we have the opportunity to work on projects together.
I recommend Beck for her professionalism, attention to the client target market and understanding of the client needs.
Beck is my go-to for all Strategy, Content creation and individualised client focus for any project.
Phil Howman
Phil HowmanFinancial Analyst
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I came to Beck for help to understand what I need to do to build my profile on LinkedIn.
Beck is easy to work with and gets the work I do, and what I'm trying to achieve.
Having now started working together I'm clear on what I need to do and I'm very happy with the results so far.
Carnel Ruggeri
Carnel RuggeriSicilian Food Tours
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Beck cares about my business like it's her own.
She's helped me see my business in a new light. And not just from a marketing angle either. She's given me fresh ideas and guidance on all aspects of my business.
I love having Beck in my corner and knowing she's there to help me when I need it. Seriously not only a smart woman but a beautiful soul. Would recommend her to anyone looking for serious growth in their business
NicoleRed Cloud Digital
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I'm loving all the comms language and UVP that Rebecca helped us to develop. It's something our business has wanted to nut out for quite a while so its very exciting to be able to roll it out.
I look forward to working with Rebecca again soon.
Belle Bollinger
Belle BollingerVirtually Belle
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Rebecca is amazing - she gets me, which I so appreciate! She helped organise my thoughts, understand my business objectives and create great copy for my new website that has my clients right at the centre of what I do.
Working with Rebecca is just so easy! She's extremely switched on and highly tuned into my business vision, goals and requirements, and delivered exactly what I needed.
Rebecca goes above and beyond for her clients, something else I appreciate about her.
I cannot recommend Marketing Goodness highly enough!!
Roger Perusich
Roger PerusichAtlas Trend
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Working with Beck helped the team and I get clear on our positioning and messaging to launch AtlasTrend to the adviser community.
Beck is a pleasure to work with and always available to help you through road blocks.
Peter Lord
Peter LordBFF
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Rebecca is an absolute genius at creating relevant content for all matters relating to money.
I've had the pleasure of working with Rebecca on 2 projects and honestly she "gets it" like no other marketer/content producer that I have worked with. She is professional, hardworking and pleasure to work with.
I honestly can't recommend Rebecca enough.
Christian Lombardi
Christian LombardiMorningstar
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I recently worked with Beck to develop a suite of B2B and B2B-2C engagement tools that our priority advisers could use with their clients to help explain their value as behavioural and financial coaches.
Beck was great at getting the brief out of my head and onto paper.
She was able to decipher the technical aspects and turn our vision into compelling content that customers would understand, and importantly, that advisers would find useful.
Beck brings the perfect balance of Marketing creativity and business pragmatism that ensures the end result delivers maximum cut through and impact. I highly recommend Beck and truly value her insights and personal touch!
Melanie Warman
Melanie WarmanBoobs on the Run
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When someone can make you cry reading your own story, you know that person just gets you!
Beck has done some amazing work for Boobs on the Run, with our member programs, run leader guides, and award entries.
I would highly recommend her for marketing and copy work.

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