Work Together?


We talk

The best way to help you, is to understand your business goals and the results you want. 
You don’t even have to fill out a form – cause quite frankly, who has time for that?


I plan

Now I know what you want I pull together a high-level plan outling the steps and team to help you reach your marketing goals.


You say yes

You like the approach and say yes! We sign an agreement so we’re clear on who does what. You pay a 50% commencement fee to get going.
(I may or may not do a little happy dance).

how it works with a copywriting project

If you haven’t worked with a freelancer or marketing team before make sure you check out the steps below.
It will help you know what to expect and what you need to be ready for. 

A quick 15 minute Introductory Call

In our first call we chat about what you need so we can quickly work out whether we’re a good fit for each other.

I send you a quote

Covering everything we talked about in the call.

You love it. Accept. And we start to work together.

When you accept the quote you receive a welcome pack outlining the scope, an indicative timeline and a briefing document.

Technology makes working together a breeze. I use Zoom for Video calls, Mobile calls, Plutio Project Mangagement, Rounded App Accounting, Canva and Microsoft Products.

You pay me

When money hits my account (50% up front, or full payment for jobs under $1000) we're ready to get started for real.
I may or may not do a happy dance.

The detailed brief

It's official. We're doing this.

Together we work through the details of your brief. Honing in on your goals, customer insights and messaging.

You may be asked to provide:
- insights into your business
- supporting information research (yours or credible sources)
- who your competitors are
- client stories or testimonials
- images

I know you’re probably thinking ‘this is why we hired you, we don’t have time for this’.

But, trust me. The more detail and information I get upfront from you, the better result you’ll get.

Awesome briefs = better results


Every successful project starts with research.
- customer personas
- publicly available research
- statistics
- customer survey results (or reviews)

I do the work

Once I have everything we need and we've agreed a direction it's time for me to do the work. Mostly it will be me. But sometimes I call in the experts for things like Websites, Graphic Design or Advertisting.


Once first drafts have been created, we review, edit and refine the details within the project. All copywriting quotes include up to 2 rounds of free revisions.

We're done! The project wraps up

Once we’re all happy with you’ll be asked to pay the final invoice. No original files or artwork will be released until final payment is made.

Expect to be asked how it all went. I'll ask for a review or recommendation at the end of the project, that you'll see on places like this website. Thanks!

Start with Marketing Strategy

A clear path to marketing success.

Create your brand story

Show up in a way thats true to you, consistent and builds customer trust.

Never get stuck on what to talk about with clear content themes and ideas to implement.

Make a good digital first impression

Update your website with Google friendly website copy that not only helps you get found, but it converts too.

Client Retention Basics

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Set up your LinkedIn Cover Image

Are you giving your LinkedIn cover image and banner the attention it deserves? Far too often I see blank images, badly pixelated imagery, or a stretched-out logo serving as your banner image. And it’s not doing you any favours. When people check out your profiles, the cover image is one of the first things they see.

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