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Sydney Content Strategist working with a client

The Secrets To Making It Work With Freelancers

Want to know how to work with a freelancer so you don’t waste time or money?
Check out this guide.

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How small business can survice COVID-19

Adapt & Survive. Your guide to making it through COVID-19

How to come out the other side of a business nightmare Gee, it’s rough out there in business land. Every small business owner I chat …

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How to use LinkedIn

Do you know how to LinkedIn? Or are you lost trying to work it all out?
Follow the YIKES framework.

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Canva Pro Review by Marketing Goodness

Review of Canva. Spoiler alert. It’s awesome.

Is it worth Paying for Canva Pro? It’s no secret. I’m a massive fan of Canva.   I love that I have the design power of a …

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How to grow your connections on LinkedIn

Grow your connections on LinkedIn your way Building connections on LinkedIn can feel daunting.  Especieally when you first join and there’s a tsuanami of connection …

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Gain momentum back when business is slow

Marketing ideas for when business is slow – The dreaded quiet period We’ve all been there.  But it doesn’t make it any easier.  I learnt …

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What’s the big deal about LinkedIn anyway?

Is it time you went all in on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is shaping up to be the cool kid of 2019. But what’s all the fuss …

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Finally. An answer to How much should I spend on marketing?

How much should you spend on Marketing? I’m always asked “how much should I spend on marketing?  And my answer is always – it depends. …

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How does a Marketer approach her own website update?

We’ve all heard the stories of the plumbers with leaky pipes at home or the chef who orders UberEats each night.  Well the same thing …

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4 areas to improve your business writing

The words you use matter.  They influence the perception people have of you, your company and services.  When you communicate clearly you’re giving people confidence …

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