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Graphic with jigsaw pieces coming together.

How to avoid a crappy partnership

Ever been burnt by a failed business collab? Here's what to look for in your next partnership.
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Client Retention Basics

Client retention is a smart Move Do you want to stop chasing shiny new leads or the time? Or would you refer to work with ...
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MarketingGoodness_LinkedIn Cover Image

Set up your LinkedIn Cover Image

Are you giving your LinkedIn cover image and banner the attention it deserves? Far too often I see blank images, badly pixelated imagery, or a ...
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Blue background with text Is LinkedIn still worth it? Image is a cog drawing of people connecting on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Algorithm Woes

Is LinkedIn still worth it? Have you noticed LinkedIn has been stingy with its reach lately? I have.Engagement is good, even better. But there are ...
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Spot AI a mile-off

Where has all the creativity and personality gone? Here's what an expert has to say.
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Avoid these website mistakes

Are you making these mistakes on your website?

Are you making these website mistakes? Does the thought of sending a potential customer to your website make you cringe? How many do you make?
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Why Your About Page isn't About You: Building Trust and Connection

Why Your About Page Isn’t About You

Your About Page is the second most visited page. Better make it a good one yeah? But less about you, and more about how you ...
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Website Basics every business website needs to nail.

Website Basics

Your website is a virtual shopfront, and just like a real-life store you want to get all the elements right so it's a better experience.
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Content Repurposing – Stretch the life of your ideas

Content repurposing helps you leverage your one big idea and turn it into different formats and content uses.
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Call to Engage: Encouraging conversations on Social

Call to engage: Encouraging conversations on Social

Call to Engage is key to more engagement on social media posts. Learn how to add calls to engage in your content and see your ...
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