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Ready to unlock your potential on LinkedIn?

It's time to market you and your business on linkedIn

Once upon a time, LinkedIn was seen as the boring place on the internet. But over the years it's changed into a thriving, engaged community, ready to do business.

You need to be there.

Your audience is on there. Engaged. And in work-mode.
In fact, it's the only social channel where people are comfortable having a business conversation.

LinkedIn is rewarding creators with a slew of new features designed to promote your content, build your personal brand and grow your network.

LinkedIn is so much more than a job platform.
But I’m guessing you already know that and want to grow your profile, build your credibility and tap into the potential leads that your business could attract.

Start with your LinkedIn strategy

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with new people and grow your business.

But it’s hard to be consistent on LinkedIn without a strategy, isn’t it?

I know—because clients tell me every day that they’re too busy, don’t know what to do, or are worried they have nothing to say. Or maybe they just don’t want to be one of those braggy people who updates their network every day.

The thing is: left to chance, showing up on LinkedIn simply won’t happen. If you don’t have time allocated for it; if you don’t approach intentionally; if it’s not written down—your time on LinkedIn is an afterthought.

But what if there was a way to make being consistent on LinkedIn simple? What if you could have a roadmap to follow? Imagine if your profile was set up so that it could be found? What if you knew what to post and when? Or if you had a connection strategy? Or even just a pathway to working with you…bringing potential clients into your world?

Well guess what: all of those things can happen when you take the next step and hire someone like me who can help you crank your LinkedIn visibility up a notch. 

Ready to show up on LinkedIn?

Need help to get started? 
Want to know how to get your profile found?
Ready to build your personal brand?

Book in a LinkedIn Coaching Session that includes a detailed profile review.

How it works

Once you book in I send you a brief questionnaire so I can get to know you and your goals for LinkedIn before reviewing your profile.

During our session, I’ll run you through your profile review and suggestions to improve, show you how to make the most out of LinkedIn, and answer your questions. 

Profile Review
Submit your profile for review and get a detailed report highlighting areas for improvement. 

$150 +GST

1:1 Coaching 
Profile review and coaching session to help you raise your visibility on LinkedIn.

$500 +GST

Genius Package
Company LinkedIn Strategy
Company Page rewrite
1 Personal Page rewrite
Banner Template


LinkedIn Retainer 
Content Marketing Service 

From $2000+GST per month

includes content strategy, profile reviews, content and graphic creation, reporting and monthly editorial meetings.

LinkedIn Marketing
Campaign Development

From $5000 + GST

Includes strategy, lead gen offer materials, lead nurture campaign and advertising set up.


LinkedIn is the place to be for B2B service based Businesses

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to demonstrate your expertise, share knowledge and connect with your peers and potential clients.  

People who benefit most from my help look a bit like this.


Business owners

who are ready to grow their business and want to be known for something.


sales teams

Who want to actively pursuit connection and grow their network.


Sole Traders and Freelancers

Who want a steady stream of leads and are ready to grow their personal brand.


B2B Companies

who want to position their business as a thought leader and grow positive perception of their brand.


Marketing teams

Who need help to manage LinkedIn Company Pages or review their effectiveness.


Financial Services Professionals

Who want to be known as a leader in their field.


linkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn 1:1 Coaching

Level up your LinkedIn Game with a personalised training and profile review session.

Company Profile Review

Understand what you need to do to optimise your business profile.

LinkedIn Marketing

Content marketing and lead nurture programs.

Team training

Help your team understand how to make the most of LinkedIn and leverage company content.

Business Profile Set Up

Make use of LinkedIn's latest features to showcase your business.

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Set up your LinkedIn Cover Image

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