Get to know me

Hello, I'm Beck

Marketing Goodness was started by me, Rebecca Cofrancesco, but please call me Beck.

I prefer Beck, because when someone uses my full name I think I’m in trouble (cue flashback to mother’s voice – Rebecca Jane!).

I’m a marketing strategist and content creator with a sharp mind and wicked sense of humour. 

I’m naturally curious and rate high on the empath scale.  This helps me to connect with what customers are feeling and relating to. 

I named my business Marketing Goodness because I believe marketing gets a bad wrap. It’s time for more people to have a better experience with marketing. And it starts with strategy.

There’s a high expectation that one activity is going to change the world, which isn’t the case.

Successful marketing occurs when all the parts add up to present a consistent, trusted view of your business. 

It’s just me.
Yep, I’m a sole trader who works from my home office most days. 
But, I also have my go-to team of trusted freelancers to deliver projects outside my expertise or help when there is high demand for my services.  

Why choose Marketing Goodness?

I'm great at taking briefs

Understanding what you need, sometimes before you do.


I'm big on relationships

Expect to make a new business bestie in your corner.


Know what to expect

Plenty of communication and clear steps to complete your project.


Ideas, support and a sounding board

With plenty of real feedback.


Certified Practicing Marketers

Recognised qualifications with the Australian Marketing Institute.


An Australian marketer and copywriter

On your time-zone who understands the language and the Australian marketplace.


A well-connected freelancer

Who can recommend cost-effective solutions and suppliers to help you grow your business.

my guarantee to you

You can rely on me to understand your brief, ask the right questions, roll up my sleeves and get it done.

A small business owner myself, I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list.

It can be exhausting to think of everything, so having a marketing partner like me who has your back can really make all the difference.

I create marketing strategies that are achievable and realistic for you and your business to sustain.

I’m able to write a variety of content, including web copy, blog posts, articles, presentations, seminars, profiles, social media posts, and newsletters.

Weird and wonderful Beck Facts

I'm a photo nut

Forever taking pictures of the magic I see around me. 

My weapon of choice is a Canon DSLR and my trusty iPhone.

I may even take one of you! 

I Hate Maps

I’m that girl. The one who holds the map upside down, sideways etc. 


But, getting lost is the best. Especially on road trips. 

Sunrises Are Best

Yep. I’m an early riser. 

My favourite part of the day is watching the sun come up. 

Anything is possible.

I Love A Good Dad Joke

The cornier the better. So make sure you have one up your sleeve. 

Here’s a marketing one for you.

Q. What do content marketers use to wrap birthday presents?

A. White papers.

I'm A Middle Child

But don’t hold that against me. 

I’m a great peace keeper and know how to get things done. 

Meet the team

Me. Myself. & I

Like most small business owners, I’m my own team. 
But, I can call in trusted experts and other freelancers for bigger projects. 

(not sure who those guys are)

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