AI generated copy.  
Are you sick of everyone sounding the same yet?

Have you noticed that every second article these days reeks of Chat GPT or AI generated copy?. 

It’s like the creativity and authenticity have vanished into thin air.

And poor typos. Where have they gone?

A client asked me, how do I know Chat GPT didn’t write this and I answered, you can’t really be sure, but I’d say the typos or not picking up where a word doesn’t make sense here or there is a big clue.

That said, I have been leaning into AI lately to understand what works, what doesn’t, and where it could be useful.

Am even putting together a guide to help people create their own LinkedIn posts (stay tuned). And let me tell you, AI sure has it’s own personality quirks and tell-tale signs that it’s not infused with your glorious being.

I’m ace at spotting chat GPT or any other AI-generated copy now. Can you?


That’s a sign. When have we ever used firstly, secondly, and in conclusion in our writing except when we were trying to beef up word count for an assignment twenty billion eons ago?
And anything that starts with ‘in this digital age’. 


I asked my AI mate to share a pun about AI writing your stuff using a pun or analogy, and here’s what they say.

When AI insists on using those overused cues it feels like you’re dealing with a bingo caller gone mad with an obsession for order and structure, turning your sentences into a structured countdown.

Fair call.

Soooo… AI tools are great to give you ideas for puns or analogies but what they give you probably doesn’t sound like anything that would come out of your mouth.

Knock Knock – who’s there?
No personality. That’s who.

There is no YOU in your writing.

Where’d you go? We’re used to hearing your beautiful voice, thoughts, and insights. Now it’s…well… bland. Just like everyone else.

Overused phrases or overuse of slang

Ever asked it to talk Australian? Strewth mate, Alf Stewart would chase you out of the boatshed so fast if you spoke like that.

Case in point; I asked if they thought they misused local context when it came to Australia and the response was ‘AI bot was snacking on too many Tim Tams’.

AI loves emojis.

I used to love emojis to help format posts on LinkedIn but AI generated copy ruined that, because they just go nuts for them. Sprinkling random emojis all through your copy.

It makes your text harder to read and like a 5-year-old created it from their grandma’s bedazzling machine.

It’s American

No offence to the Americans reading this but we use different spelling in Australia. For example, we use s instead of z in most cases.

If you copy AI text, you likely haven’t noticed. But I have.

Not everything you read on the internet is correct. 

Shock horror yeah?
So… some of the things it comes up with are questionable at best.

Don’t take it for gospel.

No stories

There’s nothing in there that makes me think, oh that’s the person I love dealing with, makes me think or gives me good insight.  I google that shit. 

For Shits and Giggles, here’s what they told me. It’s why you need me. And not AI.


You bet, mate! I’ve got your back. Let’s dive into the top 7 signs that’ll help you spot AI-generated copy from a mile away. Trust me, these telltale signs will have you saying “G’day” to authentic, human-written content in no time! Fair dinkum, let’s get cracking:

1. Robotic Repetition: If you find your copy is repeating itself like a broken record, sounding as monotonous as a koala’s diet of eucalyptus leaves, chances are AI had a paw in it. Keep an ear out for sentences that lack variation, excitement, and that special human touch.

2. Stiff and Starchy Sentences: Picture this, mate. You’re reading through your content and it feels as stiff as a kangaroo statue—no hint of energy or personality. If your copy lacks that authentic conversational tone, leaving you feeling like you’re attending a fancy-schmancy business dinner, AI might’ve had a hand in it.

3. Formulaic Structure on Steroids: “Firstly, let me tell you, secondly…” Sound familiar? If your copy is bursting at the seams with these robotic cues, it’s a dead giveaway that AI had a heyday in crafting it. Remember, mate, your writing shouldn’t resemble a dry textbook lesson but should flow and connect with your readers effortlessly.

4. Inconsistencies and Irrelevancies: Just like finding a cane toad in your Vegemite jar, stumbling upon inaccuracies or irrelevant information in your copy can be a real buzzkill. AI might not understand the intricacies of your brand or the specific needs of your target audience, leaving you scratching your head, wondering, “What on earth is this?”

5. Lackluster Adaptation: Imagine this scenario, mate. You’ve got a laid-back, beachy brand, but your copy reads like it belongs in a corporate boardroom. Oi, that’s not going to connect with your audience! AI-generated copy often falls short when it comes to adapting to your brand’s unique tone and style. So, make sure your words reflect your brand’s personality like a true-blue surfer catching the perfect wave.

6. The Curse of Fluff and Filler: If your copy is bloated with unnecessary fluff, dragging on like a sleepy echidna, it’s time to question its origins. AI tends to generate content that beats around the bush, prolonging the conversation without actually saying anything valuable. Cut through the fluff, my friend, and get straight to the point.

7. Lack of Genuine Connection: Last but not least, mate, the ultimate litmus test for AI-generated copy is the absence of that human touch—the magic that forges genuine connections with your readers.

If your words lack personality, emotion, and the ability to make your audience go “Crikey, this brand truly gets me!”—well, you might have fallen into the AI trap.

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