How To Use Your LinkedIn Feature Section To Get Leads

Guide to placing featured items on your LinkedIn profile.

Optimise Linkedin to get leads

Your LinkedIn Featured Section

The LinkedIn Featured Section is a great way to showcase your skills, explain how people can work with you and show those all important credibility markers. 

If you’re not using the featured section in 2023, why not? 

It’s one of the best areas on LinkedIn to show what you’re about and it’s easy to set-up. 

You control the narrative by highlighting your best content.

When you click on your profile it’s the first thing you see after your name, qualifications and about section. 

It can be updated at any time to reflect your goals and current reason for being on LinkedIn.

1 star stands out from the rest

Your Linkedin Goals

The featured area on LinkedIn supports your story and the results you want to get.

Typically most business goals for LinkedIn go like this.

  1.  Leads (=sales)
  2. Awareness (people, solutions)
  3. Profile building (thought leadership, collaboration, hire). 
You can use the featured section on your profile to support your current goal. 

You can populate your featured section using content you have already created or make new content (media). 

LinkedIn Posts – any post you have published on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Articles – Highlight your most recent LinkedIn article to get more traffic.
Links – links outside of LinkedIn. Could be an online portfolio, sample publications, etc. 
Media – this can include photos, videos, documents, and presentations.

If your LinkedIn Goal is Leads (SALES)


Sales Offer

Create a service brochure in PDF format that explains what you do.


Introduce yourself

Help people get to know you.
- Video introduction
- Personal Bio PDF


Lead Gen Piece

Drive a pathway to working with you.
- a sales page
- a discovery call
- freebie
- sign up
- podcast

If your LinkedIn Goal is Awareness


High Performing Posts

Highlight posts that have done well (that resonate with your target audience).


Show results

Demonstrate that you can do what you say you can do.
- case studies
- testimonials
- demos


How to content

Highlight your how to content from an article or a post.
- a guide
- video tutorial
- link to a course

If your LinkedIn Goal is Profile building


Media Kit

Develop a media kit that highlights what you want to be known for, key stats, opportunities for collaboration.
- include Bio
- keynote speech & topics
- what you've done
- how to work with you


Thought Leadership

Feature published articles, e-books, mentions.
- PDF format
- Link to other wesbites


Highlight Reel

Show that you're experienced and considered an expert.
- speaking gigs
- podcast appearances
- events
- awards

How to update your LinkedIn feature Section

The LinkedIn Feature section isn't set and Forget.
Use it to your advantage and align messaging with other marketing activity

The + or Pencil sign on your Featured Section

You can add new content by adding the + sign at the top of the Featured Section or Using the Pencil edit feature.
It's also possible to click on the three dots .... on each post and select the option to add to Featured section.

Prioritise the Order

You can change the order of the featured items at any time.
That gives you the option to prioritise information in line with business activity.

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