Are you making these mistakes on your website?

Avoid these website mistakes

Website Mistakes Bingo

Think back to the first moment your website was launched. You likely felt a sense of pride, thrilled that your website was the bees knees. 

But then. Crickets. 

Hardly any visitors. No leads. And no sales from your website.

What could be going wrong?  Lets see!

You may be making these critical website mistakes that are turning visitors off and making it hard for potential clients to choose you. 

Go through the list – how many do you get?

If I visited your website would I spot these mistakes

Talks to everyone

aka no body! Your website is so generic that it appeals to no one. Forget about being relevant and writing so your audience knows you get them. Make it so vague that no one knows what you do.

Not user friendly *at all

Your site doesn't even work on mobile and you don't make it easy for people to connect the dots with your services.

Not set up for Google

We love referrals. Who cares if Google finds us or not. Our website is to say we have one, we don't really need it.

All about YOU

Don't solve the needs of your audience, instead use the website as a platform to brag about how amazing your business is. The more we statements the better!

No way to get in touch

Heaven forbid someone calls you or emails you. No thanks. Let's make it difficult to work with us or find us.

Hasn't been touched

It's a set and forget job.
We haven't revisted our messaging for years and Jo from accounts left two years ago but who cares?

No hook

A wishy washy lead statement that doesn't connect wtih yur visitor. We don't care what they need to hear, it's more about what we want to say. We're great.

Sell too soon

Don't worry about getting to know us. We're all about the sale. We know we're good. So should you. Just get in touch or buy our stuff ok.

Riddled with errors

Proof read? Nah. No one's going to notice all those mistakes that make us look un professional. And we can always blame it on our cousin who wrote it.

We did our best with the copy

Who needs professional business writers when you can have your relatives or friends write the website content? After all, writing clear and engaging content is easy for everyone, right? And there’s always Chat GPT yeah?  (here’s my thoughts on why you should pay for copy)

How many mistakes did you make on your website? 

If you’re nodding in agreement or feel a twinge of embarrassment at the thought of me snooping around your website, it’s time to have a chat.

Bite the bullet and work with me to give your website a much-needed makeover.

We can either spruce up what you already have or go all out and create a high-performing website that turns visitors into clients.

My web packages include;

– messaging workshop
– site structure recommendations
– lead generation optimised copy
– google friendly SEO copy
– lots of ideas!

And you can repurpose your content on socials and within your pitches too. 

Financial Services Marketing

Work with me

Ready to get those marketing tasks off your to-do-list and onto mine?

– website projects
– content and marketing strategies
– LinkedIn training and more

About the Author

Rebecca Cofrancesco is an experienced marketing strategist and content creator.

She works with professional services brands and offers freelance services without the overhead of a full-time employee.



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