Review of Canva. Spoiler alert. It’s awesome.

Canva Pro Review by Marketing Goodness

Is it worth Paying for Canva Pro?

It’s no secret. I’m a massive fan of Canva.  

I love that I have the design power of a big brand when it’s just little old me.
In the beginning when dollars were tight, every cent counted.  I knew I couldn’t afford to pay a designer, but I still needed to present a professional brand to the market. 

When I found Canva – I was like Hallelujah! I jumped on the old Canva for Work immediately. 

I could see the potential.  My creative side could come out to play, without spending days/weeks/years learning a design software.  Who has time for that? 

Canva makes it possible for anyone to be a designer. 

You can create your own brand templates

Marketing Goodness Brand Colours in Canva

If you want to present a consistent face to the market it’s essential to develop a consistent style and look.  Known as your brand identity. 

In Canva Pro, you can load your logo, save your brand colours and upload your font. 

It makes it easy to create consistent brand assets.
BONUS – you can create brand kits for more than one brand. 

There are so many templates

At last count there were over 50,000! Now that’s a lot of templates to make you look like a superstar. 
And, when you have Canva Pro, you have access to all of them! Winning. 

Millions of images are included in your subscription

Canva Pro is stuffed with stock images you can easily access and use in your designs.  There are still some you have to pay for, but mostly – I stick with the freebies. 
Tip: To avoid looking the same as other brands upload your own photos too.  Try and stick to the same style and apply the same filters for consistency. 

New stuff comes out all the time

As a Canva Pro member, I usually get access to the stuff in BETA testing. 
Some of the new features I’m digging are:

  • downloading as a PowerPoint file (hello schmick presentations)
  • animated social media graphics
  • the chart feature – driven by your data
  • complete presentation decks – that also prompt you with content clues 
  • updates to the mobile app

The bug Bears in Canva

  • It’s not all sunshine and roses. But it’s pretty close.
  • The mobile app is really finicky. But it’s always being enhanced, so be sure to update your app regularly.
  • Sometimes text gets a feint greyish tint underneath.  Usually when you upload to a social channel and they have compressed the file during upload. No clue how to fix that one.
  • The new video export feature is great, but you don’t have the option to time transitions (yet). 
  • Print jobs. I always work with a designer on print jobs because the quality output of the files is second to none.
    However, Canva now offer a print service but I’m yet to try it. 

My Verdict On whether Canva Pro is worth it


That’s a hell yes from me.

It’s only $120 for a year. You don’t have to be a creative genius to use. And, it’s super easy to use. 
Drag and drop. Replace Colours. Change Font. Move an image. Add your logo. 
Easy Peasy.  You’re good to go.

Is Canva right for you?
Why not sign up for a 30 day free trial to find out? 

p.s I’m an affiliate, but I’d sing Canva’s praises any day. 

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