Strategic LinkedIn connections


Strategically connect on LinkedIn

Strategically connect with people on LinkedIn and you’ll have a high quality, well connected network.

Building connections on LinkedIn can feel daunting.  Especieally when you first join and there’s a tsuanami of connection requests.  

Do you feel like this? 

Ergh. Another connection request from someone I don’t know.  I’ve been told to grow my network, but I don’t know who this person is. 

Do I connect? Do I block? Do I ignore? 

Oh God. I met that guy once. Total creep.  I’ll probably see him at the next industry event too. Damn it!
He knows I’ve seen the invite. I have to accept now. 

Cool! I’ve just reconnected with Dave from accounts from my first job. How cool. I wonder what he’s been up to. 
So going to connect. 

How on earth am I going to work out who to connect with on LinkedIn? 

On one hand, I’m trying to grow my network so I should say yes to everyone right? 
And on the other hand. I don’t want to be connected to all these people I don’t know. 

What do I do? 
My advice is to MAKE YOUR OWN RULES. Do what feels right for you. 

Do exactly what you’d do in real life.  If you’re a networking pro at events, approach LinkedIn the same way. 
If the thought of a networking event brings you out in hives, don’t connect with everyone you know. 
Hate being sold to in real life? Learn how to spot a salesman online too.  


Create your own value system for connecting

Green Light
Red Flag

What If I Connect with the wrong people on LinkedIn?

We’ve all done it. Connected with someone only to get spammed with a sales pitch the second we click connect. Or eye roll at the continual Me Me Me posts.

Don’t sweat it, simply remove them as a connection or block their content from your feed. Too easy.

They’ll never know.

Beck x


Want to be seen by the right people?

Ready to grow your profile? Don’t know were to start?


LinkedIn is not rocket science, with a little help you could be a superstar too. 

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