2022 Guide to Financial Services Marketing

7 Marketing Tactics for Financial Advisers

2022 guide to Marketing your Financial Services Business

The 7 non-negotiable marketing tactics every financial advice practice must do if they want to attract new clients and keep the ones they have.

  1. Have a clear marketing goal
  2. Humanise your brand
  3. Client referrals
  4. Get your website working for you
  5. Become your own publisher (Social Media, Articles, Podcasts etc)
  6. Communicate and build trust
  7. Focus on customer experience

A consistent, well thought out marketing strategy is needed

If you want your marketing to work, you need to be clear on what you want marketing to do for you.

It starts with a clear marketing goal.

Quite like your financial advice strategies when you think of it.

If you’re clear about your goal and where you want to take your business you can then understand what marketing tactics make sense.
If you don’t have a marketing goal it’s likely your efforts are reactive and very ad-hoc which make it very hard to get the results you seek.

Humanise your brand

Most people think financial advisers and advice are stuffy, boring, and overly complex.

It’s refreshing to see advisers who want to change that perception.

Customers these days are very values-driven and want to work with people who are like-minded. The only way to do that is through humanising your brand.

Use conversational, plain English, copy, share your story and values, show real empathy for client’s situations, show what it’s like to work with you, and share personal stories of the people you help and how they feel.

Client referrals and beyond

Client referrals have been the bread and butter of financial advice practice growth for years.

And there’s no doubt it will continue to be.

It’s a marketing tactic every financial adviser needs to pay attention to as the quality of your referrals is a testament to the advice relationships you’ve built and how you’ve made your clients feel during your service.

But ignore other marketing tactics at your peril.

Get your website working for you

You know those great client referrals you get? Guess where they go to check you out?


And guess what comes up?

1. Your website
2. Your LinkedIn profile

You want to make sure you’re making a good impression and are scooping up those leads as they come to you.

They want your website to be fast, work on mobile, secure, and not painful!

ACTION: What does your website say about you? 

Time for a new website? Let’s talk.

Become your own publisher and create great content

Everyone can be their own publisher. There are more ‘free’ social media channels than ever before and new and exciting ways of getting your message out there.

And they don’t have to be boring.

You’ve got great chats happening on podcasts, webinars, and the like.
Tech Savvy advisers with younger clients are even getting into Instagram reels.

And advisers who aren’t camera shy are enjoying success with short, sharp videos.  You can read more about thought leadership content here.

Communicate and Build Trust

Your clients don’t expect you to pop up in their in-box or message every day, but they do want to hear about relevant topics and know what’s going on.

Caring, helpful messages will get you far.

During volatile times like now, is not the time to go quiet. Investors are nervous, worried, and scared their hard-earned wealth will get eaten away. It’s your job to reassure them, reassess their risk profile and help them feel confident in their decisions.

1. E-mail is not dead

A monthly text-based wrap-up works followed by a meaty quarterly newsletter.
I’ve seen advisers have great success with weekly commentary during tough times.

2. Show up on your socials regularly

You can post your own content or curate other people’s if you put your own spin on it.

3. Community exclusives

Events/webinars/social days out foster goodwill and position you as a trusted source.

Build trust

Financial Advice is one of the most misunderstood and mistrusted industries out there.
It’s important you build trust through all your interactions.

How you can instill trust in what you do and the value of financial advice

Transparency – up-front about fees and how it works
Connection – share relevant, human content that shows you get where they are coming from
Empathy and understanding – take the time to understand your client’s needs, emotions and perspective
Truth Telling – don’t sugar coat things or build false hope, tell them how it is with a path to improve their position.

Customer experience

These days your clients expect more. Outdated financial advice documents and communications need to compete with the likes of Amazon, digital banks and smaller retailers who get the personal touch.

When did you last check in on your customer experience? Are you making the advice experience better? Or would your client still think it’s painful?

There you go…

7 non-negotiable tactics your financial advice marketing strategy needs to include so you stay relevant and are found by your ideal clients.

Need help?

I’m an experienced financial services strategic marketer and content creator.
I can help you get clear on your strategy and write words that simplify money matters for your clients.

Rebecca Cofrancesco

About the Author

Rebecca Cofrancesco is an experienced marketing strategist and content creator.

She works with professional services brands and offers freelance services without the overhead of a full-time employee.


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