4 areas to improve your business writing

Margeting Goodness

The words you use matter.  They influence the perception people have of you, your company and services. 

When you communicate clearly you’re giving people confidence in your ability to deliver what you say you’re going to do. 

Communicate Clearly

Say goodbye to Gobbledygook.
When we're an expert in something we have a tendency to show off.
Using big words. Or long confusing sentences.
This puts pressure on the reader to make sense of it. It makes them feel stressed and hating on your company right now.
Which is probably the opposite of what you set out to do right?

Write with clarity.
Chop long sentences in half.
Stick to one message.

Build trust

A well-written business communication shows the reader they can trust you.
If your writing is full of spelling errors, misused words, or overly casual language that’s not appropriate for the situation, the reader may not trust you as a competent business person.
.Setting high standards for your writing invokes trust in your audience.
Proof Read
Read your words outloud
Get rid of words that don't add any meaning to the conversation

Write with Empathy

A key aspect of business writing is knowing your audience.
This means knowing who they are, what they know, and what concerns them, so that you can deliver your message in the right way. Communicating effectively leads directly to higher sales.
You can tell your reader how your product or service helps and what they need to do to get the benefits you promise. .
Paint a picture of your ideal customer
Answer their pain points
Show the benefits - not the features

Tell them what to do

Good business writing is persuasive.
And directive. Mostly we want to know what you want us to do. Where to go next.
Include a single call to action
Use active language. For example, Get a quote. Book now.

Most of us aren’t naturally good writers.
But with practice, everyone  can learn how to improve their communication skills and master business writing for better results.

Prefer someone to write it for you?

Let’s talk. 

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