Finally. An answer to How much should I spend on marketing?


How much should you spend on Marketing?

I’m always asked “how much should I spend on marketing?  And my answer is always – it depends.

Annoying huh.  You were looking for the silver bullet.  But bear with me (click bait heading wasn’t for nothing)

Can you answer these questions about your numbers?


When I ask these questions I’m often met with blank faces and a um…. I don’t know.

This makes it pretty hard to advise how much you should be spending.

To work out your budget you need to be across your numbers.

Otherwise you’ll overspend, get in debt and stress yourself out. Who wants to be that business owner? Not me. And if you’re reading this, I’m guessing not you either.

Your budget can be as simple as – What’s coming in, what’s going out, and what’s left over. 

From the what is left over pile you can work out a percentage that you’re willing to pay for marketing. 

A rule of thumb : 1% to 10% of revenue for business as usual marketing. Up to 20% for launch activities.

Can you afford not to have a marketing budget?


I consider marketing as a mandatory expense line, a fixed item that’s always there. But varies depending what’s happening in the business. 

Then it’s all about opportunity cost. How many sales do you miss out on because no-one knows about you? 

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