What’s the big deal about LinkedIn anyway?


Is it time you went all in on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is shaping up to be the cool kid of 2019. But what’s all the fuss about? 
Should you go all-in on LinkedIn?  Is LinkedIn for you?
Or is it just another social media channel you have to be all over? 

Here’s what you should know before you jump right in.

LinkedIn Stats 2019
- who's on there?


First up, do your customers hang out on LinkedIn?

If the answer is a big fat YES. Go for it.

LinkedIn is a great place to share valuable content and start conversations with your ideal clients (and turn them into paying customers). 

According to Social Media News, there’s 5.5 million ‘active’ users in Australia as of July 2019. 

Business owners, sick of changing algorithms and the diminishing reach of other channels have flocked to LinkedIn. And they are seeing great results. And you can too. 

LinkedIn is different to other social media channels.

  • People are  in work mode.
  • That means, they don’t mind talking about work, because you’re not interupting.
  • It’s professional online networking, but doesn’t mean it’s serious.  Bring on your personality.
  • People login less (ie, they don’t spend all day there). 
  • Many people lurk and watch so messages can often work better than posting all the time.

More people consume Content than create content

  • LinkedIn isn’t as crowded (yet).
  • You can create content and it will get seen.
  • LinkedIn content works great in search.
  • And, if you love video – it’s hot on LinkedIn right now. 
  • Content that’s created has what’s known as a longer tail. Meaning, it hangs around in the feed for longer. 
  • Second and third degree connections see your posts if their network engages with. Huge opportunity to expand your reach outside your own network.

It’s time to claim your name & Business name

  • When people check you out online (with an intent to work with you) they go to two main places. Your website and LinkedIn. 
  • So, even if you’re not intending to be active, make sure you create a  killer profile and create a company page (that links to your site for more information). 

People log-in to LinkedIn with intent

  • To be seen – grow their profile.
  • To get a job or promotion.
  • To generate leads.
  • To learn.
That presents an opportunity to be generous with your content that helps them meet their goals. 

LinkedIn is no longer just a job platform.

It has much more to offer and is a great way to build brand awareness and build a pipeline of leads. 
I started seeing great results with my small business the moment I started paying  attention to LinkedIn, and suspect you will too.

I’ll write about my approach to LinkedIn strategy in a separate blog following my YIKES formula soon. 


If you're social on LinkedIn, create valuable content and aim to create meaningful connections - you're going to do great. But, if you think "post & run' is a good strategy, you'll be disappointed.

Ready to be Seen on LinkedIn?

Book in a marketing you session for you or your team. 

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