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How small business can survice COVID-19

Adapt & Survive. Your guide to making it through COVID-19

How to come out the other side of a business nightmare Gee, it’s rough out there in business land. Every small business owner I chat with worries about the effect of COVID-19.  To their income and livelihood. Their employees. Their suppliers. And their customers. And they are right to worry. We’re in the midst of

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Canva Pro Review by Marketing Goodness

Review of Canva. Spoiler alert. It’s awesome.

Is it worth Paying for Canva Pro? It’s no secret. I’m a massive fan of Canva.   I love that I have the design power of a big brand when it’s just little old me.In the beginning when dollars were tight, every cent counted.  I knew I couldn’t afford to pay a designer, but I still needed

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How to grow your connections on LinkedIn

Grow your connections on LinkedIn your way Building connections on LinkedIn can feel daunting.  Especieally when you first join and there’s a tsuanami of connection requests.   Do you feel like this?  Ergh. Another connection request from someone I don’t know.  I’ve been told to grow my network, but I don’t know who this person is.  Do

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Gain momentum back when business is slow

Marketing ideas for when business is slow – The dreaded quiet period We’ve all been there.  But it doesn’t make it any easier.  I learnt a valuable lesson 18 months ago.  I was doing all the right things, business was great.  There was a great flow and mix of clients.  Plus, I’d verbally been offered

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What’s the big deal about LinkedIn anyway?

Is it time you went all in on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is shaping up to be the cool kid of 2019. But what’s all the fuss about?  Should you go all-in on LinkedIn?  Is LinkedIn for you? Or is it just another social media channel you have to be all over?  Here’s what you should know

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