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Marketing FAQ

You’re likely to have a few questions before getting in contact with me. Here are some of the common ones I’m asked.

Short answer yes.  Having  a strategy to get from A – B is smart.  But it doesn’t have to be complicated though.  
It can be one line, one page or a full-blown report.  

One thing I know for sure. The only strategy worth having is the one you follow. 

When you don’t have a vision for what you want to achieve it makes it harder to succeed.  And you make decisions blind. Hoping and praying that they work. 

When you hire a marketer or content creator you can expect to be involved. Especially in the early stages of the relationship. It’s important we spend time to get to know how your business works. And who better than the expert – YOU.
A well-oiled brief and an openness for collaboration are keys to a successful experience.

It depends. There are many things to consider when quoting. It will depend on what you need, what’s involved, your timings and how ready you are to start marketing your business. 

I provide quotes based on my understanding of the project and we go from there. 

I can guarantee that I’ll do my best to help your business succeed.  

When I write your words, you will get well researched, well written copy that has been designed to connect with your clients. 

Marketing Strategies are based on what we know. Sometimes that changes when we put it into practice. It’s why marketing consistently is key. You can see what is working and what isn’t. Testing and learning along the way. 

Of course. I have a network of experienced freelancers who I can brief and coordinate things with.  
If you need this, project management fees will be included in your quote. 

No, I purely manage and produce content. 
But, I can set up and manage LinkedIn corporate accounts to get you going. 

As a content creator I’m always asked whether I can write about topics I don’t know much about. 
And the answer is yes. I can pretty much write about anything, as part of my process is research. 

That said, I mainly work with service businesses: 

1.  Consultants
2. Coaches
3. Financial Advisers
4. Accountants
5. Lawyers
6. Travel
7.  Wellness Brands

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