It pays to work with an expert when you're promoting financial Services and need easy to read copy too.

Financial services is a complex, highly regulated area

I have over 20 + years of experience within financial services marketing, working with some of the big brands, BT, AMP, ipac, MetLife, CGU, Morningstar, Citi and many local advice practices.

I understand the ins and outs of regulations

Knowing what you can and can’t say, so you won’t land you in hot water with your compliance team is essential for financial servcices.

I'm there for your business

When you don't have someone inhouse who can market or communicate your ideas. Available to work on short-term projects. Plenty of financial services lingo and know-how at your fingertips.

Create a better experience for your clients

Financial Services can be known to be clunky and confusing to your clients. Smooth out their experience and understanding of money. Help them with a clear, guided process to get things done.

Affordable investment to help you win new clients and keep the ones you have

A freelance Financial Services Copywriter and Marketer that's more affordable than a big agency who doesn't really know about the nuances in financial services.

complex Financial Concepts explained simply

I love talking money and helping everyday Australian's understand the ins and out of finances and what it means to them.

keeping your stakeholders happy

Because I've worked in financial services for many years I get that you need to satisfy many stakeholders and will do my best to give everyone what they need without compromising results.

Financial Services Marketer Sydney
Are you looking for a financial services marketer and copywriter experience and know how to tackle complex subjects within financial advice, Super, fin-tech, Law, money management, insurance and can flip between B2B and B2C?

I work best with

Most of my experience has been within the areas of lifestyle financial planning advice, superannuation,
cash-flow management, insurance, accountants, and mortgage broking.
I’m a money nerd and enjoy sharing what I know so others can get better with money too, so much so I got involved with two women in money start-ups – Money Brilliant, MyBFF.

I know how to write about the tech too. 

Financial advisers have a lot on their plate these days, so my job is to help them get clear on message and position services and the value of advice. 

Financial services can often be a dry and jargon-filled subject. You want to work with someone who gets it.
I have a canny ability to simplify concepts, make them interesting, easy to understand, and engaging.  

Having a great, engaging digital presence is one way to build trust with your audience and be known as the authority in your niche.

The companies I work with the most look a bit like this.


Mid-size financial services firms

who don’t have an in-house marketing communications team.


A marketing team

who need an extra hand with overflow or project work.


A financial adviser

who wants a better digital presence and wants to be more relatable than other firms.


A practice

who wants to build a presence on social media and needs guidance on how..


A junior marketer

who needs help with strategy and a little hand-holding to become an expert.


Established firms

who need to refresh and modernise copy within their business.

the type of work I do A speciality financial services marketer and copywriter is a smart, cost-effective option.
You get access to expert, in-depth knowledge of your industry so you can feel confident your financial services freelancer can get on with the job.

ready to wake your clients up with money talk they understand?

Financial Services Marketing Help

Go-to-Market Strategy

Launch a new practice, service or solution with a plan.

Presentations & Seminars

Get help to plan and create your next client seminar.

Business Communications

Brochures, Flyers, eBooks, Guides

Business Website

Clearly communicate what you do and how you help.

Social Media Profile Set Up

LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Understand what to post and create a consistent presence.

Client Communications

Emails, Letters, Advertisements, eBooks

Talk to Me

We can bring together a virtual team to get you what you need.

Some of the awesome
Financial Service Brands
I've helped with Marketing Strategy and Copywriting

Marketing Goodness Client

What does Financial Services Marketing Look like in 2021?

The past few years has really shook confidence in the industry. 

The whole financial services industry needs to re-think what trust looks like. 

Content Marketing and Positioning can make a big difference to how potential customers see you and relate to you. 

On top of that, the world has changed.
Customers Expect More. The digital experience needs to be top-notch.

Financial Services Marketing essentials:

– Clear brand position

– Strong messages

– Personal, human side to their brand

– Content that’s clear, concise and easy to understand
(will build know, like and trust factor & position you as an expert in your field)

– Seamless digital experience that works wherever they are.

– Great customer experience without friction.



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