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Great ideas don't have to fizzle Out
- repurpose, Recycle and Get noticed

Does this sound familiar? 

You have an amazing idea. You furiously type out an article or social media post before sending it out into the big wide world.

Basking in the glory of your own genius. Giving yourself a big pat on the back because your idea is out there. That’s done. 

And you’re right. IT IS DONE.

The lucky few who noticed its existence did enjoy it (for a split second) and moved on. Never thought of again.

And that makes me sad for your Big Idea.

You see, most business owners I chat with are chock full of amazing ideas. They spill out of them like chocolate lava.

But those great ideas don’t get the attention they deserve or shown enough for people to take it in.

Instead of letting your ideas stay lost in a sea of content, give it the best chance of being seen and raising your profile.

Give me the Idea Extender Guide


How one Big Idea can extend itself to at least 10 different formats and ideas.


How to use what you've already got.

Take Action

Easy to follow worksheet so you can follow the same process, over and over again.

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