Create a month’s content in 3 hours a month

Content Batching in 3 hours
What is content batching? How does it work?And is it for me?

Content batching is where you block out time to create all your content in one go.
With the logic being, when you focus on one task at a time it’s easier to get into a flow and your content will be aligned with strategic intent, over sporadic, adhoc posts that don’t support business goals.

Tick it off your to-do-list 

When you’re done batching content, you can relax, knowing you’ve got your month’s content sorted and ready to go. You won’t have that sinking feeling of not knowing what to post or stressing because it’s gone weeks without posting. Here’s how you go about batching content in a morning.

Block out three hours in your calendar

Think about when you’re the freshest so your creative juices flow.
Lock the time in and stick to it. Don’t move it around, no matter how tempting it is.

Step 1
Decide how often you want to post
(daily, weekly etc)

Step 2
Lock in your content themes.

Step 3

Get into the hearts and minds of your audience.

Step 4
Choose your formats
– articles
– posts
– videos etc.

Step 5
Plan your distribution strategy for each chanel
(times and dates)

Step 6
Map it out
on paper or within a scheduler.

(I use Sked)

Step 7
Start Creating your content
– GO!

STEP ONE – work out your posting cadence

Decide how often you want to post based on your goals and stick to a schedule you can keep up with.


Daily is the optimal posting schedule, but the reality is most of us don’t have enough time to do this. 

That’s why it’s better to choose a realistic posting schedule you can stick to. 

Have clear content goals
There’s no point creating content just for the sake of it, think about what job you want each piece of content to do. 
And know what’s coming up in your business – grab your calendar and plot those events, days and milestones.

What are you trying to do in your business?
– build a personal brand
– launch a course/freebie?
– get more clients in your niche?

STEP TWO – Lock in your content themes

Choose the topics you talk about all the time.

For example, a marketer like me has 4-5 topics that I’m an expert in.

These topics align with the type of work I love doing and fall into my zone of genius.  I can quickly and easily come up with ideas to fit this space.

Then so it doesn’t get boring I stick to a framework of 5 post types. 

Don't post the same thing all the time

Get into the hearts and minds of your audience. 
Create with them firmly in mind.

When creating your content, really think about what’s going on for your ideal customer. Ask yourself these questions: 

  • What problems do they need to solve?
  • How can you help them do a better job?
  • What type of content will they really relate to?
  • When are they online? – Check your analytics
  • Where do they hang out? Are they a LinkedIn fan? Insta? Tik-Tok. – You want to show up where they are.
  • What type of content do they like to consume?
  • Articles, videos, skits (oh hey, reels), graphics?

Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about your customers.


Choose your formats

With many content formats to choose from these days, make sure you take advantage of all your options.
Like you, your audience has different preferences, ways of taking in information and how they like to consume  content. You want to mix it up and give your customers the content they want to consume. 

Create a mix of; Articles, blogs, social media posts, video content, reels, stories, infographics, presentations, and emails.



Identify all the places you can share your content, including your own channels and partner channels.

A lot of amazing content goes to waste if you forget this step.

  • Website
  • Email
  • Social Channels
  • Facebook Groups
  • Partners
  • Referral Links
  • Aggregator content sites like Medium

Tip: Don’t be afraid to reuse your content. Chances are not all your audience saw it the first time.


Map it out

Use a content calendar or a scheduling tool to map out where your content will go during the month.
For example, you can use days of the week to guide your content.
Motivation Monday, Teach me something Tuesday, Work with me Wednesdays, Get to know me Thursdays, Friday Funnies etc.

mg-icon-ideasSTEP SEVEN

Create your content



Because you’ve done the steps above, you know exactly how many pieces you need to create.

Set yourself a timer and smash out 10-15 ideas in 20 minutes. 
Then start crafting your posts. 

Basic content principles:

  • Lead with a hook
  • Set the scene
  • Deliver the punch
  • Finish strong

Tips for creating better content
Design for engagement and to move people through the sales journey.
Help them know what you’d like them to do with your post or where to go next clear call to action that promotes engagement. 

For example;

  • Tell me what you think.
  • Do you agree?
  • Tag a friend who needs to hear this
  • Head to our website to read the full blog post
  • Download this freebie

Don’t forget to entertain your audience
Share something that is relevant to the category or theme for the week that will resonate with your audience or make them laugh or nod along with you.

  • A funny and relatable joke
  • A meme or gif
  • Throwback/nostalgia

Teach your audience how to do something

When you help your audience learn something or solve a problem they have, you’re creating a personal brand. Showcasing your expertise and getting known for your niche.

Think about;
The common questions you get asked all the time?
Common challenges you know your audience struggles with and create content around that.

It looks like:

  • How to do x
  • 3 tips to do Y
  • 3 mistakes and how to avoid them

Humanise your brand through relatable content

Connect with your audience by creating content that triggers an emotional response.

Share your ‘why’ behind the scenes, more about you, the person behind the brand.

People connect and buy from people, give them a reason to buy from you or work with you instead of a big brand name.

Five reasons why you will love batching content

  1. It takes the pressure off having to think about what to post every day

2. Relief
It gets done in one go, done and dusted for the month.

3. You won’t feel a sense of dread anymore with content creation hanging over your head. 

4. You’ll finally have a consistent presence on social media (and feel a little smug about it). 

5. Leads will start to come to you because you have been clear about what you do and why you are the answer to their problems.

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