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Set up your LinkedIn Cover Image

Are you giving your LinkedIn cover image and banner the attention it deserves? Far too often I see blank images, badly pixelated imagery, or a ...
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Blue background with text Is LinkedIn still worth it? Image is a cog drawing of people connecting on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Algorithm Woes

Is LinkedIn still worth it? Have you noticed LinkedIn has been stingy with its reach lately? I have.Engagement is good, even better. But there are ...
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Call to Engage: Encouraging conversations on Social

Call to engage: Encouraging conversations on Social

Call to Engage is key to more engagement on social media posts. Learn how to add calls to engage in your content and see your ...
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Guide to placing featured items on your LinkedIn profile.

How To Use Your LinkedIn Feature Section To Get Leads

Optimise Linkedin to get leads Your LinkedIn Featured Section The LinkedIn Featured Section is a great way to showcase your skills, explain how people can ...
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What I learned about LinkedIn in 2023

Here's what I know for sure about LinkedIn and the lessons I've learnt being active on there.
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The art of commenting on LinkedIn

How to comment on LinkedIn I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The key to being successful on any social media platform relies ...
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LinkedIn Red Flagg

LinkedIn Connection Request Red Flags

Most of us are on LinkedIn to build our network, so it’s no surprise that we’re open to random connection requests.  Most are innocent, genuine ...
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Do I turn on LinkedIn creator mode?

LinkedIn creator mode – Do I turn it on?

LinkedIn Creator Mode – do you need it? LinkedIn regularly updates features and provides new options that help you raise visibility and support the content ...
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How to use LinkedIn

Do you know how to LinkedIn? Or are you lost trying to work it all out? Follow the YIKES framework.
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Strategic LinkedIn connections

Strategically connect on LinkedIn Strategically connect with people on LinkedIn and you’ll have a high quality, well connected network. …………. Building connections on LinkedIn can ...
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